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Each of these rentals include: teepees, mattresses, pillow cases, decor, garland, blankets, decorative pillows for each teepee, balloons on the floor, string lights, lanterns, breakfast trays.
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*Set-up takes between 1.5-2.5 hours and included in the price*

6 Slumber Tents Package


2 Tents


3 Tents


4 Tents


5 Tents



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It's all about the little details. From our picnic tables to personalized name tags, cups and pillow cases, we've got it all! The best part about the personalized items? Your guests get to take them home for an everlasting memory!

Picnic Table


Personalized Name Tags

$5 each

Personalized Cup

$8 each

Personalized Pillow Cases

$12 each

Personalized eye mask

$6 each

Additional breakfast table

$5 each